Office furniture for sale or hire throughout Tasmania

Flair Office Furniture are a Tasmanian-owned and operated business, located right in the heart of North Hobart, offering consistent and quality advice regarding all your office seating, desk, table, workstation, storage and screen needs.
Our knowledgeable team are dedicated to delivering the best customer service and advice. We go above and beyond to ensure the products you purchase are the best fit for your lifestyle, as well as offering alternative seating options and the biggest range of ergonomic chairs in Tasmania.

Get to know us

Our staff are dedicated, hardworking and proud to be Tasmanian. They can offer years of experience, expert industry knowledge and a friendly face – every time.
Give us a call if you have any questions or queries about our products, we’re happy to have a chat and organise the best time for you to come in and see our amazing range.
Tassie-owned and operated means we care about our local community, and the people who live here. We want to see every business succeed, and we love offering our knowledge and models to help make that happen.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to each and every customer. We know everyone’s needs vary, everybody shape is unique, and we all have different tastes and styles. We offer consultation, delivery, assembly and maintenance services. We’re committed to helping you, from start to finish.
At Flair Office Furniture we strive to deliver quality – quality products and quality service – and we want this legacy to continue into the future. Become part of our story.

5 Reasons to Furnish with Flair

  • Local, Tassie-owned and operated.
    We know this business, and we know it well. Operating for over 2 decades, Flair have been serving Tasmanians for years, and will continue to do so into the future. We’re passionate about our products, however we’re more passionate about ensuring that other Tasmanian businesses succeed due to high productivity and positive working experiences. We feel we play our part in this by supplying quality, ergonomic furniture to a range of workplaces.
  • Amazing range, that we have confidence in.
    We want our products to suit your body’s needs and blend seamlessly into your everyday lifestyle. Ergonomic chairs, saddle and ball seats, kneeling chairs, height-adjustable desks, work stations to suit every space – we have so many amazing products and designs. More than this, we know our products, so we can reassure you that every design sold is the best option for that person and situation. We have confidence in our range and ourselves.
  • Service that goes above and beyond.
    The expertise and high level of knowledge exhibited by our team prove that we are the go-to local business for all your office furniture needs. You will not leave disappointed.
  • Extra assistance.
    We offer a free measure and quote for every client, as well as delivery, set up and ongoing maintenance for all products sold. We will go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied with their products, as well as highlighting the many ways Flair differ from other mainstream furniture companies.
  • We really care about you.
    We offer ergonomic furniture on a trial basis for occupational health and safety reasons, working closely with occupational therapists to match our customers with the most suitable chairs and desks. We want you to be satisfied with the products, making sure they’re the perfect fit for you. We also offer short-term use and hiring options for temporary use at conferences, functions, or in office spaces.


We’re proud of our products and the diverse ways they help people in their everyday, unique environments. We’re also focused on ensuring that each model performs appropriately so that you can get the long-term use out of it that you need.
A selection of our chairs are made from recycled plastic, which is an amazing form of re-using materials to promote a more environmentally-friendly future for us all. Flair are dedicated to this vision, promoting brands and companies who use recycled materials in a concerted effort to encourage Tasmanians to question whether products they purchase are ethically made.
Consider your world, and our world, with Flair Office Furniture.

Committed to Ergonomics

  • What is Ergonomics?
    Ergonomics is the study of systems and processes within varied environments that affect and alter the functionality of humans, making sure they are able to perform to the best of their ability within those specific conditions.
    So, in an office space Ergonomics are crucial, as they affect every worker’s ability to do their job properly and to the best of their ability. Being passionate about our customers, the Flair team strive to be educated about Ergonomics, and to have the correct knowledge in applying this to each unique customer. Everyone is different, and the products they require will alter depending on their specific needs. That’s where we come in.
  • Hours in a chair – why not make it comfortable and beneficial?
    It seems like an obvious statement to make, yet it’s startling just how many people put up with a chair that isn’t suited to their specific requirements and is potentially doing more damage than good in the long-term. The Flair team can offer friendly advice, as well as quality knowledge and expertise regarding which chair would best suit you, and why. It’s time to make a change and get educated in the importance of Ergonomics with Flair.
  • Quality and personalised designs.
    At Flair, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that every body type is different, as well as the fact that many people may have had unique experiences or injuries that alter their ability to work effectively. Our team will ensure that the products you purchase will promote positive productivity and be uniquely comfortable for you.
  • Control the way your body responds.
    Ergonomics are crucial in understanding what’s right for your body and posture, as well as working to minimise the risk of back or neck pain and unnecessary pressure on the spine. You can get the most positive outcome for you, and your health into the future, by purchasing an ergonomic design like the amazing selection we offer at Flair.
  • Wellbeing, productivity and heightened job performance.
    When your body is in the best position blood flow is increased, and your brain is able to respond and concentrate to the best of its ability. Overall employee wellbeing should be paramount for all businesses, that’s why we believe it’s crucial to be comfortable and productive in every workplace. We offer solutions for all businesses, whether it’s height-adjustable desks, innovate chair designs or alternative seating options – whatever your needs and limitations, we can match you to the perfect product and ensure you and your employees are working to the best of your ability.
  • State-of-the-art designs.
    Flair stock an incredible range of products and designs like you’ve never seen before. Our products allow for freedom of movement, permitting you to change positions throughout the day, increase productivity and work like never before. We do not view office furniture as static equipment – there are so many innovative models out there, models that will revolutionise the way we work. Flair stock some amazing designs that are sure to impress, as well as change your working lifestyle.

Come in to test out our models today!